‘Chip party’: US company celebrates implanting microchips in employees (VIDEO). BREAKTHRU CALLS THIS ‘DARK TECH’

Just when you thought you were safe?

We’ve heard and read about microchips as a way of maintaining security for companies and individuals for some years. articles have been produced about companies introducing the use of microchips to secure areas of their business from theft and intruders. Of course, animals have also been micro chipped for some time too making the whole issue familiar and non-threatening to most people. This has made everything so familiar and less intrusive than it actually is.

Do you remember when the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ went viral. Only a few voices highlighted its close relationship to ancient occult rituals, but that didn’t hold water with most people (excuse the pun). Then we had a wave of tattooing across all age groups, marking their bodies regardless of religious persuasion or convictions. Still little concern that something strange was going on. I know, didn’t Jesus have a tattoo on His thigh in the book of Revelation?? Come on people, even common sense tells you this is a real stretch and an insult to the most intelligent, creative being of the universe. Yeshua, the Rabbi of Rabbi’s, The Holy One.

Listen up folks. Occult baptism to marking our bodies to…?

Welcome to the next phase of humanities blind walk to the cliff edge. Now that we have pretty much accepted anything sold to us as ‘progressive’, ‘technological advancement’, ‘security’ etc, we have walked into a net carefully prepared for us by the enemy of humanity.

A Wisconsin company has implanted microchips into its employees at a symbolic ‘chip party’, a first for the US. Now the ‘chipped’ employees can open doors, login to computers, use copy machines and even buy chocolate bars with a wave of their hands.

Source: ‘Chip party’: US company celebrates implanting microchips in employees (VIDEO) — RT America

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