God And Israel

a new book by

Dr. John Garr

Don’t let yourself or your friends be ensnared in the trap of the growing politically correct anti-Zionist movement that is sweeping like wildfire across the Christian church. This is nothing more than the Führer’s New Clothes, the old naked, rabid antisemitism that has pockmarked the Christian church for centuries.

Make sure you get the real truth about Israel, the people, the nation, and the land from ancient history to the present day.

God and Israel is a thorough study of what the Bible has to say about the Chosen People, the Holy Nation, and the Promised Land. It leaves no stone unturned and brings documentation from over 1,000 sources to bear on these important issues. Dr. John D. Garr wastes no time getting down to the brass tacks of biblical truth to give you the 4 answers that you need.

This is the unvarnished truth as God himself established it. And, believe it or not, God still honors his word. He never changes, and he keeps his covenant commitments.

You will be amazed at just how important the Jewish people and the nation and land of Israel are to you and your family and to your faith. Don’t miss perhaps one of the most important stands that any believer in history could have made when you discover what God says about his Chosen People and the Promised Land.


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