Blessing Others

Last year the work of Breakthru International was officially recognised by the Hebraic Christian Global Community, founded by Dr John Garr. He, along with others, dedicated their lives to unpacking the Bible in a scholarly, yet spiritual manner so that ordinary people can get beyond the baggage that we are often introduced to by well meaning Christians.

Dr Garr is a prolific writer, speaker and sincere individual. So, we thought you might like to hear what he has to say about blessings and the foundations of the Christian faith. Here is a short video we trust will be thought provoking but also encouraging.





If you haven’t already purchased any of his books, we would strongly recommend it. His books and articles on “God and Women” are of particular significance as there are few who seem to have a balanced, biblical handle on the creation roles of men and women. Much of what we hear today is rooted in denominational theology, feminism or male chauvinism.husbanGpx_468x303

Of course, he also released books which cover the dynamics of the faith community and what that should really mean and much more.


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