2016 BREAKTHRU team – Here We Go!

Hi all,

Thanks for your continued support throughout 2015. We’ve had an interesting year, meeting new people and exploring new subjects. We are looking into the future with anticipation. In this blog we have included some of our news items going into 2016. Our focus is to make plain the issues facing people who want to know the biblical faith and the God of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Facelift For BREAKTHRU

In preparation for the coming year, we have streamlined the website and given BREAKTHRU a facelift. We welcome your comments and questions.


BREAKTHRU Session For 2016 and more…

The BREAKTHRU team is getting ready for the first session of 2016 (30 January, 2:00 – 4:00pm).  Register for your place today. 

We are excited to announce that in addition to the monthly, afternoon teaching sessions, we will be facilitating a midweek session for people who are new to BREAKTHRU and what we do. It is also a great opportunity for further discussions to be had about some of the tough questions that have come out of the past years sessions.



Since Generation Rising, 1 August 2015, we have been compelled to delve deeper into ‘New Eugenics, The Final solution.’ We have remained with this because we recognise areas of deception, which we were initially totally unaware of. We have discovered how today’s society, whether part of the faith community or not, has been manipulated to believe the smoke screen. This in turn has led to an undeniable shift in values and ultimately the future of humankind.

We cover areas that are part of a corporate message to the body of Messiah. These areas are wrapped up in questions that we must ask ourselves. Such as:-

  • How has neo-gnosticism (New Age) influenced congregations, and why this is not the endgame?
  • Have you heard the evangelistic language of the Hebrew Scriptures in popular music and is absence in gospel/CCM?
  • What has happened to the music industry – gospel and popular, and do you really know the people you are listening to?
  • Why is there an obvious lack of men in congregations?
  • Why are developing nations are on the radar of the west?
  • Are you aware of the real root of evolution and how it has affected what we think about each other?
  • Do you know what Transreligions are? No? They’re already here.

These are just some of the questions that we explore with young adults and anyone else who understands the importance of knowing. We emphasise that this is more than acquiring knowledge, it’s about changing our thinking, or better still, having a transformed mind. A work of The Holy Spirit.

We are currently running the sessions in Derby City, UK but we are more than happy to visit other towns or cities to make the information as accessible as possible. We are open to suggestions.

Please pray with us as we work on producing written literature which we trust will expose the evil systems that are, and will face us in the future. As the sons of Isaachar, we genuinely believe God is entrusting us with a challenging mandate alongside others in other cities and countries.  If you would like to receive literature (books, leaflets) once complete, please register your interest via this blog or on our website, we will then keep you updated with progress.


Get Connected

Our volunteers greet visitors and serve at special events. We also focus on preparing individuals through involvement in prayer sets and other aspects of the organisation to encourage growth and a deeper relationship with God. Volunteering at BREAKTHRU is a life-changing experience, and we rely on the generosity of our volunteers to keep our programs going. If you’re interested in offering your time or skills to a growing vision, please visit our website.

Thank you again!

With gratitude,

BREAKTHRU International team

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