Duplessis Orphanage – Tragic Story Of The Innocent

A special edition of In the Now: A story of an atrocity against children, a cover-up, and the sheer strength of survivors. One Canadian “Duplessis Orphan” shares what she had to go through in her childhood. 

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There is a recognisable shift across the globe which seems to have a common theme. Decades of oppression, abuse and torture of innocent men, women and children is being forced out into the light. Coincidence, there is no such thing as coincidence. At the root of this oppression is the desire for wealth, power and control. Of course, such a comment would, at most, be responded to with the shrug of the shoulders, unconcerned and desensitised to the demise of fellow human beings.

God lays out His thoughts about this in His teaching (Torah):-

In court, don’t let anyone take advantage of a person simply because that person is poor. “Be very careful if you say that someone is guilty of something. Don’t make false charges against a person. Never allow innocent people to be killed as punishment for something they did not do. Whoever kills an innocent person is evil, and I will not treat a guilty person as innocent.

Exodus 23:6-7

The poor, the oppressed, the widows and the orphans have been the victims of the worlds hunger for power and wealth for centuries. For many, it has felt as though justice has never been administered in any way, shape or form. However, as with Abel in Genesis, there is a cry coming up out of the earth which is getting louder and louder. A cry for justice.

Now, regardless of our position on creation, immigration, race etc.. One thing is certain, we are witnessing unprecedented change in our time, there is what we call ‘a balancing of the books,’ taking place. What we have done to our fellow human beings through sterilisation programs, the displacement of families through wars created by the greed of the west, the destruction of the innocent in their millions via government policies, it is all coming back to our doors for payment.

In the words of a deceased, elderly lady,

“God pays debts without money, He’s slow, but He’s sure.”

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