The Greatest Challenge Ever.

For decades we have witnessed atrocities of one kind or another inflicted on people groups from various nations. We have listened to them on our radios, television’s and phones. For the most part we respond with an initial feeling of shock but we soon forget the horrific news. The things of daily life seem to mask the level of depravity that humanity has sunk to. We have become desensitized.

Without even realising it, our moral compass has lost its accuracy and we struggle to know the difference between danger and safety.

In the UK, we are experiencing the effects of new strategies which are designed to capture the minds and hearts of this generation and any that should follow it. Sounds like old news right?

As the government of the UK is doing everything it can to reverse its ongoing economic problem, the community of believers is struggling to find its identity and is theorizing on how to prevent further spiritual demise. To touch on the issue of truth is like adding a spark to petrol, leaving seeking souls confused about God, the Bible and spirituality.

With approx 40,000 christian denominations and a plethora of perceived acceptable measures for morality, it is no surprise that people are confused. To make matters worse, we are also faced with alternative ideas that are being embraced by the university establishments throughout the UK. This is shaping the views of our next generation and inadvertently impacting the theology of the church community. Since 2005 a university scheme has been in operation spearheaded by The Grand Lodge of the UK to show inquisitive youth the way of freemasonry. Young, trendy, intelligent men from across the nation are being recruited as the new face of Freemasonry. Ironically, the absence of young black men is evident in their promotion material.

In the context of the USA with its fraternities and sororities this might not seem unusual, but in the UK? This is a whole new frontier that is being opened up.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, an article was advertised today that is based on a shock report which states, 50% of black male offenders in the correction system in the UK are between 15 – 17 years of age. 50%? 15 – 17?

The occult and its many faces is being embraced in ways that it is difficult for us to believe, but unless there is an awakening across the nation things are likely to get worse before they get better.

Here are some areas to consider:-

Music: In the 1980’s to 1990’s secular artists and record labels were in search of a new sound. That new sound was drawn from the church community. Young musicians, singers and choirs began to appear on prime time television providing the much needed sound. For many, music was neutral. So it didn’t matter what was listened to or what was played for that matter. Today, we’ll play Gospel, tomorrow we’ll play death metal. What’s the problem?

Well, in the 21st century, secular artists are openly embracing the occult and are openly displaying their disdain for anything sacred. The church community, oblivious to this, are sitting in their pews applauding their worship leaders, while some worship leaders are taking their lead from Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Biggie Smalls and the like. Being more performance driven than Holy Spirit driven we now have a pool of musicians and singers that think ‘gigging’ is the norm and a heavy chord progression is somehow reflective of a biblical lifestyle. Music is one of the most powerful yet misunderstood and abused tools that the church community has. It’s purpose was never to embrace demons but to exalt God. There was no mixture in biblical times, therefore, demons could not remain in the presence of pure worship. 1 Samuel 16:14-23

Music is not neutral. It has a source just like preaching. Gospel, praise and worship needs cleaning up.

Teaching: As mentioned earlier, there is estimated to be 40,000 different denominations. All will have a statement of beliefs of one form or another. Unfortunately, the denominational, traditional beliefs have taken precedence over the ultimate statement of beliefs, the Bible.

The normal response to this kind of statement is to jump into defense mode and quote scriptures that support and protect the churches beliefs. That is why we need God given teachers. How do you know when you have met one? Well, they usually have no personal agendas. They are not looking to catch you out, manipulate you or break you down with clever words. They will however, reason and listen. If their conclusions are biblically sound, often people are willing to make the necessary adjustments. To repeat information from your churches commentaries or to simply repeat what the Pastor has said, is not teaching. It’s repetition. 2 Timothy 2:15

Prophesying: This is a huge topic and a sensitive one. This blog is not sufficient to cover all aspects of this. Let’s just say that the introduction of various forms of spirituality and the blurring of the line between the Holy and the profane has left us all in a real dilemma. It is no longer considered strange for bible believers to view dream interpretation, predicting the future, communicating with the dead  etc to be outside of the realms of holy living. It is difficult to go anywhere without someone having a burning desire to tell you the worse thing that is going to happen to you in the future, or to give you God’s blueprint for your life without allowing you to accept it or reject it.

Now, it is important to note that the Holy Spirit can and does speak to individuals in whichever way He sees fit but, He does not break an order that He has already laid out for us. e.g. To communicate with the dead is forbidden, dangerous behavior. To predict the future in the same manner as a tarot card reader, totally independent of God and His Word is not the biblical definition of being spiritual. Are we willing to test what we hear against the Bible or are we going to substantiate error by saying “But it came true?”

‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams. Acts 2:17

Praying: There is a global movement of prayer. It’s purpose is yet to be fully realised and its focus is Messiah centred. Fasting, prayer and a realigning of ourselves to God is removing barriers that we have built.

Where in Acts of the Apostles do we read of a freemason preaching, teaching or leading worship in the community of believers? What about Beyonce like figures teaching young men and women about worship? Sounds far fetched right? Yet, we consume the music of these artists and introduce the chord progressions, sounds and influences into everyday worship. Our preaching is laced with ideas and concepts that are rooted in humanism, feminism and agnosticism. we stand in awe of men than of God.

In conclusion

The greatest challenge the believing community has ever faced is upon us. Now is the time for change. Through prayer, fasting and restoring the lifestyle of the first century church back to first place, we will see transformation. Racial barriers, mixture in the church community and anti-Semitic teachings will be relegated to a place of zero tolerance.  Ultimately, we will begin to realise that the only sound we need to pursue comes from the God of the Bible.



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